Adaptive Carrel System

No Holes Needed
Open/Close Capability

The Adaptive Carrel System is a component-based solution that creates a focused space to land on workstations of many sizes. More than just a privacy panel, Adaptive Carrels are thoughtfully designed for enhanced elegance and versatility. Featuring reversible materials, wing depth options, and the ability to accommodate a range of hardware from laptops to monitor arms, the system's modular nature can be configured to meet the needs of the individual, and reconfigured with the changing needs of your office.



Acoustic Felt
Heather Grey
Color Fiberboard
White Oak
Classic Birch

Product Details

  • Adaptive Carrels are 22" high, and can be ordered to fit 48", 60", or 72" worksurfaces.
  • Wings are available in Deep and Shallow versions to accommodate various privacy and space planning needs.
  • Wings may be installed without Back Panel for peripheral privacy on wide desks, and to accommodate oversized monitor arrays.
  • Made in USA with imported materials.

No holes, no clamps, no sweat

With our cleverly designed desk mounting hardware, there's no need to drill into your beautiful desk tops, or to mar the surface (or the office ambiance) with unsightly screw clamps. Our Adaptive Carrels are installed with simple but sturdy adhesive patches and integrated magnets, which makes installation a breeze for pretty much anyone, whether they're wearing a tool belt or a fine leather one.

Concentration for any situation

The modularity of the Adaptive Carrel System helps you craft a perfect workspace in any office environment. Jumbo monitor array? No problem. Just a laptop? Sure thing. Tiny benching, loooong desks...upcycled doors for desks? We've got you covered. This system has the versatility to build a home away from home for any worker, anywhere.

Open for business

With many workers on hybrid schedules, not every office runs at full occupancy all of the time. Our Adaptive Carrels, when outfitted with Deep Wings, are designed to hinge inward, visually indicating a ‘closed’ status for workstations not in use. It's an attractive way to space out the workforce, and equally useful in hot desking environments, where a closed Carrel can signal an open seat. Plus, you can use it to hide your creative clutter if you're coming right back after lunch.

Undeniable Magnetism

Our goal in designing mounting hardware for our Adaptive Carrel System was simplicity itself. We needed a solution that was easy to install, visually elegant, and intuitive to use. But the path we took to get there was anything but simple: to accommodate variations in desk surfaces, different users, and the unique ability to close the carrel's Wings when not in use was no easy task. Our skilled fabrication team produced dozens of prototypes in a multitude of materials, culminating in our game-changing magnetic hardware design. It blends simplicity and function to create a personal workspace that is useable, beautiful, and opens with a satisfying magnetic click.

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