Team Carrel

Stores Flat
No Holes Needed

The Team Carrel is a refined and functional desktop shelter optimized for high-density benching and shared table setups. Lightweight and reversible, it’s a great solution for open plan offices and smaller workstations, creating a renewed sense of personal space without sacrificing elegant design.



Acoustic Felt
Heather Grey
Color Fiberboard
White Oak
Classic Birch

Product Details

  • 21"H x 45"W x 25"D
  • Perfectly scaled for 48" workstations and open tables.
  • Made in USA with imported materials.

Makes space, doesn't take space.

Inclined to experiment with the office setup from time to time? The Team Carrel is a single folding panel that uninstalls easily and stores flat, making those clear-the-deck moments easy to accommodate, and your new vision a breeze to achieve.

Two-faced. In a good way.

Want a change of scenery? We get it! Even when you love your workspace, sometimes you just need a new look. We offer our Team Carrels in a suite of luxurious finishes, and dual-material versions can be quickly reversed for a fresh perspective. With the easy alignment of our mounting hardware, you can make the switch in seconds whenever the mood strikes.

Tools needed: Hands.

With our dead simple placement template and low profile registration feet, all you need to do is peel, stick, set your Team Carrel in place, and walk away. Seriously, that's it: no hidden steps, no tools, and most importantly no holes in your desktop.

Live and unhinged.

At Second Space, we're big fans of well-executed minimalism. So when it came to designing the Team Carrel, our mission was to create a single curved plane around a workspace, without need of joinery or tacked-on hinges. But that goal came with a major challenge: how to achieve the unlikely by making rigid materials behave like flexible ones? To compound the problem, we needed to accomplish this alchemy in multiple materials, both wood panels and felt acoustic boards. After numerous iterations and piles of hinge experiments created and tested, we settled on two distinct approaches: CNC kerf cutting for the wooden Carrels, and an array of die-cuts for the felt ones. Each method creates a living hinge, allowing the materials to bend into the graceful curve of our finished Carrel. Think of it as a hug for your desktop.

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