The Fort

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Acoustic Dampening
Stores Hanging

Whether back in the office or working from home, when you want to get work done, you need a little space that’s all our own.

Meet the Fort, a mobile, storable, freestanding divider for desks and other work surfaces. It’s great in open-plan offices, helping to create personal space and alleviate distraction, and equally useful in your impromptu home office, carving out a chaos-free zone at the kitchen table.

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Acoustic Felt
Heather Grey

Product Details

  • 21.5"H x 44.5"W
  • Manufactured from acoustic felt with an 0.75 NRC rating
  • Made in USA with imported materials

Like a sponge for sound

The Fort is made from acoustic felt with a .75 NRC rating. Think of it as the opposite of paper thin walls. A quicker-sound-picker-upper. It’ll help you tune out the sonic distractions in the background, and has your back when you need to make a quick remark or phone call only meant for you and whomever... not the whole room.

No allen wrenches, none needed

We not only designed the Fort to go from kitchen table to conference table, but we did it with no need of tools. If you can put on your pants in the morning you’re all set. Zip up both sides and the Fort transforms from flat as a pancake to its free-standing, focus-friendly arc.

Want to hang out?

Not only does the Fort lay flat for storage, its light weight and integrated loop make it easy to hang on a wall or door hook, ready to set up at a moment's notice. Need a shelter from the storm? Take it down, zip it up, and get down to business.

Put some heat on it.

We've spent hundreds of hours learning how we could turn a single material that was soft, attractive, and functional into a free-standing, portable distraction shield. We had to put the heat on to figure this out... literally. Starting with a used pizza oven and a hand-built, air powered press, we milled wooden forms that were pressed into heated acoustic felt to create the Fort’s unique geometry. Then we took our learnings to our molding partners in Michigan, who today use their better ovens and bigger presses to help bring the Fort to you. It took many forms and many tries but in the end we got pure, warm simplicity in a product we’re proud to share.

Looks nice, right?