Adaptive Storage Wall

High Integrity
Easy to Install
The Adaptive Storage Wall is a modular solution that provides versatile and secure personal and office storage, as well as an elegant place to display the things that bring your workplace to life. Featuring multiple locker and shelving sizes, sound security options, and an array of quality materials, the system can be specified to meet the needs of any working environment. Its thoughtfully engineered joinery makes it easy and accurate to install, and just as easy to reconfigure and grow with the evolving needs of the workplace. And with a suite of internal accessories to hold everyday necessities, it's the perfect place for anyone to stash their gear and get down to business.



Cabinet Material
Classic Birch
Exterior Options
White Oak
Classic Birch
Color Fiberboard

Product Details

  • Lockers are available in wall hung and floor standing configurations.
  • Locker bay interiors are 28 1/4" high, and available in 11 1/2" and 24 3/4" interior widths. Each bay includes an adjustable-height shelf.
  • Doors are available in left and right hinge configurations, with digital or analog combination locks, or without locks.
  • Locker/bookshelf arrays can be built up to 3 tiers high, and infinitely wide. Single-tier installations can be used as a countertop.
  • Optional interior accessories include laptop and tablet storage, pen/pocket organizer, coat/bag hook, and multifunctional hook shelf.
  • Made in USA with imported materials.

Keeping it real.

The world is full of short-term products, designed for a limited lifespan and ultimately destined for the landfill. At Second Space we take a different approach, foregoing planned obsolescence in favor of well-made products without expiration dates. That's why we build our Adaptive Storage Wall with high quality Europly, real wood veneers, and solid Color Fiberboard. No cardboard, particle board or tacked-on edge banding; just real, high-integrity materials that age gracefully and last a lifetime.

(Re)build it.

Our Adaptive Storage Wall is a long-term investment in creating an elegant and effective workplace. But what happens when the needs of that workplace change over time? The answer is built right in. Our system features innovative joinery and an emphasis on ease of installation, allowing for expansion as your team grows, and reconfiguration and re-installation when your space changes. With the Adaptive Storage Wall, there's no need to start from scratch when your storage needs evolve; its designed to grow right along with you.

Storage in a snap

Adding personal storage to your workspace opens up the possibilities for office organization and workflow flexibility, but it can also be daunting to contemplate; it's a large-scale improvement that often involves disruption of productivity for days on end. That's why we designed our Adaptive Storage Wall with ease of installation front of mind. Our modular units are intuitive to assemble, and go together quickly with simple hand tools and just a couple of installers. They'll have you enjoying the fruits of secure storage and improved organization with a minimum of turbulence.

We're thinking inside & outside the box.

With our Adaptive Storage Wall, we didn't stop at creating elegant and functional storage cabinets. Instead, we've looked inside, developing a suite of unique interior accessories to house everyday workplace essentials. Laptop and tablet storage? You got it. A place for chargers and cords? Pens and pencils? Check. Hooks for keys, coats, and backpacks? Come and get it! Made with aluminum and 100% post-consumer PET felt, our ASW Accessories can be added to any locker à la carte, creating a personalized space to stay organized and ready for anything.

Building our best better.

Second Space was born from years of designing and manufacturing custom, future-facing solutions for the workplaces of the some of the most forward-thinking companies around. One of those solutions: a modular personal storage system, honed through multiple iterations to meet the needs of a tech company at the forefront of workspace innovation, and installed by the hundreds in their offices across multiple cities. Our Adaptive Storage Wall builds on these proven roots, refining the original to improve ease of installation, increase aesthetic and functional versatility, and add innovative interior storage capabilities. The Adaptive Storage Wall takes an esteemed, workplace-tested design and makes it even better; it's an elegant, versatile, and adaptable personal storage solution that holds its own in any office, anywhere.

Ready, set, storage.

Let's Get Building